Scott & Co

Best Men’s Suits, February 2006

Buying a suit can be a drag. Department stores overwhelm (who needs 50 charcoal suits to choose from?), the discounters have the charm of used-car lots, and chichi single-brand designer boutiques are just that—single-brand. What you want is variety, salespeople who know helpful from pushy, and drop-dead-gorgeous suits. Enter Scott & Co. Since proprietor Scott Hill has impeccable taste, the suits he carries—Isaia, Valentino, Paul Smith, Ralph Lauren—are impeccable, too. The fabrics are like buttah; the tailoring is stylish but not faddish. The prices—hold on to your wallets—start around $1,700, but if you can’t seal the deal in one of these babies, maybe it’s time to think about another line of work.