Best Earrings, August 2014

When it comes to earrings that make a statement, Roseark has the last word. There are dozens of earbobs—from gold plated to diamond encrusted—at the shop’s sprawling West Hollywood showroom. Long a favorite of celebrities (Drew Barrymore, Charlize Theron, Emma Watson), the boutique has earned a following for its fine jewelry with an edge. You’ll discover emerging local designers like Daniela Villegas, who incorporates such natural elements in her drop earrings as teeny manzanilla branches with fire agates and butterfly wings with yellow sapphires. Styles encompass ear cuffs, chandeliers, and studs from more than 200 designers and from Roseark’s own line. Whatever your budget (prices range from $50 to $21,500), you’ll find a reason to show off your ears.