Rocki Graham

Best Prenatal Yoga Class, August 2010

Yogi/earth mother Rocki Graham knows just what her with-child students want: a not-too-strenuous workout that will keep joints limber and backaches at bay.Yoga Baby classes, held in a converted garage behind her home, are popular among both the newly preggers and those about to pop. Graham, who has been teaching prenatal yoga for 15 years and developed the prenatal program for YogaWorks, demonstrates the poses, and she keeps cool water on hand, the room well ventilated, and Tums nearby for those inevitable bouts of heartburn. Did we mention the bathroom breaks? Classes end with a meditation in which students “look” into their wombs. “Tell your baby it’s perfect the way it is,” says Graham, “that it doesn’t need to change anything for you.” Pregnancy never felt so good.