Rock’er Board Shop

Best Women’s Surf Shop, October 2006
Founded on a shared love of surfing—as well as on a mutual frustration with the limited selection of women’s gear at existing retailers—Rock’er Board Shop is Christina Petropoulos and Alison Copeland’s female alternative to the standard guy’s board shop. In addition to woman-to-woman lessons, the store offers no less than five experienced surfing ladies behind the counter. Rock’er’s staff knows which wet suit best fits your body type, whether ample or petite. It’s also great for riders who like style out of the water, too, carrying lines like Grind Queen. Where other female-friendly surf shops like Huntington Beach’s HB Wahine cater heavily to teens, Rock’er can slip a fashion-savvy woman into neoprene like it was a silk dress. Men, too, if that’s their thing.