RJ Design

Best Flower Arrangements, August 2008
Until recently, more was more when it came to floristry. Shallow boxes burst with cabbage roses; vases seemed to quake under multivariety creations that looked like mosh pits. RJ Design pushes a different sensibility: architectural minimalism so bold as to be arrogant (in a delicious way). For the Raffles L’Ermitage hotel and the Beverly Hills boutiques Tod’s and Vilebrequin, the company puts together arrangements like “Orchids on a Canoe,” in which orchid blossoms lie horizontally atop Peruvian equisetum reeds laid across three square vases filled with colored crystals. The company has no storefront or Web site; it takes its work so seriously, it doesn’t offer predesigned styles. To place an order, you have to call and talk it over.