Pump Station

Best Resource for Nursing Mothers, February 2006

Breast-feeding seems simple: Take a newborn, add boob, and dinner is served. But reality has a way of intruding. The time to prep is before the baby is born. Both locations of the Pump Station—the original in Santa Monica and other Hollywood outlet—stock the essential equipment, from breast pumps (for sale or lease) to nursing bras to tubes of pure lanolin (therapy for soreness). They have a good selection of diaper bags, slings, and swaddling blankets, too. Still, the Pump Station’s greatest asset is its smart staff, who guide moms-to-be through a world that revolves around such terms as “latching on,” “foremilk,” and “hindmilk.” They also offer classes and organize support groups. And if you need immediate help, the lactation consultants will gladly answer a question or two, gratis, in person or over the phone.