Point Dume

Best Summer Read Set in L.A., August 2011
It’s hard to imagine a better on-the-sands-of-L.A. novel than Point Dume by Katie Arnoldi. Those who missed its hardcover release last year—just in time for beach season—can now pick up in paperback the pot smoke-laden tale of Malibu dwellers. Arnoldi, the wife of artist Chuck, has crafted the best surf prose since Kem Nunn in Tapping the Source. Readers are also plunged into the chaparral labyrinths of the community’s secret marijuana farms. The story, told by five narrators, is as hypnotic as the sets lining up at the famed Zuma break, and the up-in-flames ending will resonate with many Angelenos. The Overlook Press, 240 pages, $15.