Planet Bouncy

Best Bouncy Houses, August 2010

Sergei Sychev, the founder of Planet Bouncy, provides crack customer service and a selection of inflatable jumpers and slides in themes ranging from Strawberry Shortcake to Scooby-Doo to monster trucks. When we called the company, the hunky Sychev personally took our order. We went with a Wall-E model, which he delivered to our yard and set up on time. The bouncy house was immaculate, near new, and the kids caromed in it for hours. Our party was on Mother’s Day, and we wanted the pickup to be a few hours later than usual. Sychev worked around a dinner engagement with his own mother and arrived with a smile at 7 p.m. to deflate Wall-E to a neat little package and to leave more than a few moms with bouncy dreams of their own.