Best Local Beauty Line, February 2004
There’s an impressive crop of commercial bath and body products being mixed up in kitchens throughout the city. So we’ve sniffed, slathered, and bathed ourselves silly to find the all-around best performer. Kai has an intoxicating gardenia scent, and Bath Petals looks gorgeous, but we go wild for Nyakio. Using her Kenyan family recipes, Nyakio Kamoche blends natural ingredients and essential oils to come up with products like Citrus Moluccana Body Wash, Grapefruit Tarragon Body Crème, and—our favorite—Kenyan Coffee and Sugar Scrub, which left our skin impossibly soft. She got her start stirring batches in her downtown loft before the line was picked up by stores nationwide. Now Nyakio—it means “hardworking woman in the sunshine”—is introducing a perfume. We can’t wait.