Nicole’s Gourmet Foods

Best French Market, March 2007
Some of us are more nostalgic for our last Parisian adventure than others, but even those who’ve never made the trip can enjoy the alien, applelike texture of an unpasteurized olive direct from France. Or a hunk of Reblochon, once illegal in the United States. Or lavender honey the color of buttermilk. Located near the Metro tracks in South Pasadena, Nicole’s Gourmet Foods is a sidewalk café and gourmet importer that supplies top restaurants such as Mélisse and Ortolan. Owner Nicole Grandjean, who grew up in the Loire Valley, stocks unusual cheeses and hard-to-find pantry fare. A passionate staff who understand the benefits of flash-frozen pâté, Peugot pepper mills, and French ham gladly pass along their knowledge.