Meltdown Comics & Collectibles

Best Comic Book Stores, August 2009
It makes sense, of course: the fantastical plots, the pneumatic bodies, the stylized makeovers. Although L.A. might like to think of itself as a hipper place, this town is a comic book buff’s paradise, home to an embarrassment of graphic novel boutiques and superhero bazaars. If your only experience came at a bygone five-and-dime, it might be hard to conceive of the illustrated universe that flourishes at Hollywood’s Meltdown Comics & Collectibles, the most colossal of the bunch. From its aisles of Marvel and DC titles to its manga and Tintin sections, not to mention its adult erotica and counters of zines, Meltdown is all things to all nerds—at once mainstream and alternative, grown-up and childlike, pop and political. If you wish to be more than a mere consumer, the store hosts a 13-week Meltdown University for writers and artists, who can also buy their tools at the in-store satellite of Blue Rooster Art Supplies.