Matrushka Construction

Best Boutique for a Sunset Junction Outfit, August 2009

L.A.’s most original street style goes on display at the end of August at the annual Sunset Junction Street Fair. Folks mill around craft booths in the insouciant sort of arty rocker looks that fashion magazines never manage to replicate. How to assemble your own ensemble? Head to Matrushka Construction, where everything is made in Silver Lake by owner Laura Howe. Long dresses in simple cuts ($140) are glam and comfortable but not too formal; dupioni silk minidresses ($185) have the touch-me texture appropriate for beer-addled dancing. For men, secondhand dress shirts get a silk-screened print of an owl, a bicycle, or a howling wolf—and cost no more than $35. Howe will tailor the clothing right on your body in the store.