Best Jean Boutiques, March 2008
There’s a reason die-hard Japanese jean fanatics shop at LEVI’S . Outside of the San Francisco flagship, more styles and washes of the company’s Vintage Collection and Capital E premium line are available here than at any Levi’s retailer in the United States. The sales staff are encyclopedias of denim lore who can school you in the virtues of $500 “vault pieces,” such as a perfect replica of Levi’s original 1873 overalls woven on artisanal shuttle looms and single-stitched by hand. Rafters-high displays of dungarees include classic Red Tab 501 and 505 men’s jeans (always in stock) and core lines for women that are both fashionable (stovepipe styles, including the 521) and forgiving (mid-rise cuts, like the 552).