Lapin Vilardi

Best Travel Accessory Bags, November 2006

Attorney Candice Lapin and her friend, model Erica Vilardi, were frequent travelers and frustrated packers, misplacing items in their suitcases and wondering why existing organizers were so masculine (think North Face) and unstylish (think black mesh). So this spring the pair, under the name Lapin Vilardi, launched a Los Feliz-based brand of chic travel carryalls that are feminine and fashionable. The Manhattan line includes lingerie, shoe, and laundry sacks (each with a lavender sachet to combat staleness) in a black-and-white floral pattern with a bright pink lining, as well as in polka dots and white, black, and camel solids. Next up for the company are cosmetic cases and jewelry rolls, all of which should make the potentially embarrassing airport security search somewhat easier to endure.