Kosher Club

Best Kosher Grocery, March 2007
There are many kosher grocers in L.A. Eilat, on Pico, with its pushcart-packed aisles, seems the most intent on replicating a 1970s Tehran traffic jam. At Super Sal, in Encino, shoppers bop down the aisles to the strains of Israeli pop music. Kosher Club, however, carries the widest variety of goods. Wines range from the Haut-Médoc to the Haute Judée. Color-coded cutting boards, oven mitts, and even scouring pads allow for the strictest compliance with kashruth laws (blue: dairy; red: meat; green: pareve, or milk and meat free). The shop’s got a pantry with cervelat and matjes, brisket and kugel, popsicles and halvah. The market may be kosher, but it’s ecumenical, too. Dry wasabi is available, as are organic soups—which look so much nicer with some mandlen pastry puffs floating on their surfaces.