Knit Cafe

Best Knitting Supplies, August 2004
Suzan Mischer’s Knit Cafe may not offer as much yarn as some other stores, but in this case, less is more: The space is airy and homey, not at all overwhelming. Mischer’s got a following of adoring customers, many you’d recognize, who gather round the central table and in cushy chairs for stitch-and-bitch sessions while nibbling on complimentary cake. Mischer, a former CBS executive, also holds classes (one for kids was recently added to the roster), but what really gets our needles clicking are the custom patterns she gives away. We answer a litany of questions about what we’re aiming for: A sweater. Tight around the waist. With long sleeves. And a crew neck. Within 24 hours—sometimes within minutes—a computer spits out a blueprint for success.