Kip’s Toyland

Best Toy Stores, June 2007

The floors in Kip’s Toyland are well worn, and the displays are pleasantly chaotic, which makes shopping here like going on a treasure hunt. Located on the north side of the Farmers Market, Irvin “Kip” Kipper’s charming 61-year-old store gets us on sentiment every time. You’ll feel a little rush when you happen upon Traffic Safety Bingo cards ($1.98 apiece and perfect for that road trip), balsa airplanes ($2.49), and Gyro Wheels ($3.98). Who knew those toys still existed? Kip himself—wild brows and all—is usually around to offer guidance and firsthand information on when the toys were originally released. He also stocks a decent selection of Ty stuffed animals and Playmobil kits, Germany’s answer to Denmark’s LEGOS.