Kicks: Sole Provider

Best Hip Sneakers, September 2004

“I’m a sneakerhead,” says Ygal Aiche. “I grew up in Paris, and I was collecting shoes there since I was 13.” Today Aiche co-owns Kicks: Sole Provider, a commercial shrine to the sneaker. The Larchmont emporium certainly carries athletic shoes that people use for, say, athletics, but most of the space is devoted to the sneaker-as-fashion-accessory. Retro Asics, Nike Dunks from Europe, and New Balance from Japan fill the shelves. The shop customizes, too, painting on flowers or swirls or anything else a customer thinks up. Those with a serious sneaker jones will want to gaze at the collection of Air Jordans (in several styles) and other Nike dead stock. Appropriately enough, it’s encased in glass.