Kevin Ryan Guitars

Best Acoustic Guitars, August 2010 
You won’t see one of the instruments intricately designed at Kevin Ryan Guitars getting banged around in a Sunset Strip club. Collectors and session musicians take these beauties out of their cases only in the safety of their homes or studios. Twenty-three years ago Kevin Ryan, then an aerospace researcher, started making guitars as a hobby. Now he does it full-time, working with ebony, mahogany, rosewood, spruce, and cedar. He says he applies the same mind-set he used with wind tunnels to create an acoustic purity lauded by champions of fingerstyle playing as well as pros like Laurence Juber and Jackson Browne. Ryan and an employee build as many as 50 guitars a year, so if you want one, you may have to get in line. And be flush: A handmade Ryan runs between $15,000 and $25,000.