Hollywood Toys & Costumes

Best Affordable Costumes, August 2009

Due in part to voracious wardrobe departments for films and TV shows, Hollywood Toys and Costumes has expanded its inventory since 1984 to include more than 500 selections. That’s as helpful to the costume designers for the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, who have plundered the showroom, as it is to anyone who wants to be a ketchup bottle on Halloween. There are more than a dozen variations on pimp wear and enough French maid getups to outfit the cleaning staff of Versailles, all for less than $100. The top seller? A replica of the white dress that flutters up around Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itch ($36). The merchandise extends to plus sizes, couples ensembles (such as a giant plug and socket), and themed togs for school plays and religious festivals. Customers can have their hair and makeup done at the new on-site beauty salon.

Best Costumes, February 2004
When we have a hankering to dress like a giant corncob, Hollywood Toys & Costumes  is the place we go. Phony eyebrow rings, prosthetic scars, mullet wigs—the floor is filled with getups and accoutrements for masqueraders big, small, clever, and crass. The shop’s wares are good enough to pass muster with the movie studios and local theater groups that use them.