Hollywood Magic

Best Magic Supplies, March 2004
It’s nice to know that if we are ever in the market for a $750 guillotine, Louis St. Pierre Jr. has one in stock. St. Pierre’s shop, Hollywood Magic, has all the gadgets and gewgaws that prestidigitators yearn for: capes, wands, escape handcuffs, vanishing bottles, linking rings, and floating roses, as well as books and videos with titles like Encyclopedia of Cigarette Tricks and Learn to Levitate. Such top tricksters as David Copperfield, Ricky Jay, and David Blaine stop by the 57-year-old business, and because the guys who work here are also magicians, they often treat visitors to a little sleight of hand. Just don’t ask, “How’d you do that?” To get in on the secret, you have to buy the trick.