General Store


Indigo Jewelry from Cave Collective, handmade leather moccasins by Beatrice Valenzuela, tie-dyed scarves, blankets, children’s clothing from Lookout & Wonderland: These are but a few of the standouts at this tribal-chic outpost. For the home, stained-glass panels by David Scheid complement porcelain mason jar mugs by Atelier Dion. Vintage connoisseurs can riffle through the Native American turquoise cuffs, aged denim jeans, and camouflage jackets.  


Best Local Ceramists, August 2015

L.A. is having something of a pottery moment, with regional artists earning a kilnful of international acclaim. General Store in Venice provides one-stop shopping for a host of Los Angeles-based designers: Heather Levine’s rustic lamps and wall hangings, Humble Ceramics’ sturdy dinnerware, A Question of Eagles’ imaginative vases. The streamlined space is an effective backdrop for a less-is-more artistic sensibility.