Flax Pen to Paper

Best Writing Pens, February 2005

Westwood’s Flax Pen to Paper is an exquisite preserve for endangered species. We don’t just mean unrivaled writing instruments like Visconti Wall Street-edition pens, whose black-and-white shafts recall deco skyscrapers shimmering at midnight; Namiki fountain pens, with warblers and outcroppings of river rock hand-tooled by Japanese artisans; or red-lacquered S.T. Duponts. We’re also referring to the enthusiasm husband-and-wife proprietors Joan Flax and Philip Clark have for their inventory. Whether they’re caressing the solid gold nib of a $6,500 masterpiece or admiring the cleverness of a $33 Acme rollerball fashioned like an oversize no. 2 pencil, they reveal a passion and protective fervor that is nearly extinct in contemporary retail.