EcoSmart Fire

Best Outdoor Fireplaces & Fire Pits, August 2014

If you want to heat up the backyard, you could throw some rocks in a circle and call it a day or pick up one of those chintzy metal cauldrons that dent before you light the first match. Why not choose a conversation piece from EcoSmart Fire? The L.A.-based company sells stylish, high-quality products, such as the sculptural “Stix” (a tepee of stainless steel poles that suspend flames in midair) and the “Mix” (a fiber cement bowl that should be at the entry of an ancient temple). The fuel tanks burn clean, using bioethanol, and the company delivers refills to your door; one tank can keep a fire burning for ten hours, costing approximately $20. The units, which run from $500 to $10,000, are self-contained, portable, and safe, both outdoors and in.