Country General Store

Best Western Wear, August 2013

Van Nuys’s 57-year-old Country General Storemakes us wish we had a hoedown on our calendar, or better yet, a cowboy or cowgirl on our arm. You can drop a small fortune on a pair of Lucchese American Alligator boots or mosey out in high-quality leather workaday varieties for less than $150. Wranglers and Levi’s are stacked sky high; dress shirts with embroidered chest and back panels beckon from Texas-size racks. Hats get their own homestead: Choose from straw, felt, or beaver models—yes, real beaver—from the likes of Milano, Larry Mahan, and Stetson at every price point. We can always use a shiny belt buckle with personalized copper-hued initials, and the kids will cotton to the toy lassos.