Best Place to Discover L.A. Designers, August 2011

With innovative clothiers such as Endovanera, Valerj Pobega, and Skingraft ruling the local style scene, Los Angeles is officially past its T-shirt-and-trucker-hat phase. The place to find these avant-garde labels—along with a slew of other arty made-in-L.A. mainstays—is Church. Founded by ex-Maxfield employees Rodney Burns and David Malvaney, the 5,000-square-foot space (a former upholstery shop, not a house of worship) contains about 80 percent locally grown lines, most of which exhibit a touch of creative angst. Think sculptural felt hats by Corina Haywood, reclaimed cast-metal rings by Alkemie, button-downs from John Malkovich’s Technobohemian label, and 1960s-era jumpsuits by Marilyn Cardinali Lewis.