Camille Frances DePedrini

Best Summer Frocks, July 2005
If a summer wedding is more the celebration of a union than the making of one—as in, you’re just a guest—choosing the right dress can be a festive event unto itself. Starting on 3rd Street, Kristin Londgren’s luminous satin sheaths, ruched silk separates, and open backs hark back to the romance of a rising moon and big-band glamour. In Santa Monica, Australian designer Leona Edmiston’s playful prints and cocktail-style little somethings travel well and stay up all night. Venice-based Pamela Barish, who has created outfits for Anjelica Huston and Lara Flynn Boyle, offers feminine updates of party classics. But to really let loose for the occasion we head to Camille Frances DePedrini, located in the former Sunny’s cluster of boutiques in South Pasadena. DePedrini designs wedding gowns but also offers ready-to-wear from other designers; she elevates mix-and-match to transcendent heights with chiffon bolero jackets and embroidered organza and beaded tanks paired with hand-painted silk scarves. There are satin clutches shaped like leaves, lacy gloves, and a healthy selection of chic footwear. “They’re all vintage inspired, taken from the 1920s, ’30s, ’40s, ’50s,” says DePedrini, who started as a party-dress designer in the Bay Area. She describes her ideal customer as “someone who wants to have fun with it and is open to trying things.”