Beverly Hills Hosiery

Best Cheap Lingerie, August 2010
Packages aren’t tied up in ribbons and there’s no changing room; Beverly Hills Hosiery is far from a boudoir. Still, if Bettie Page, Betty White, and Lady Gaga had to shop in the same place—on a budget—this is where they’d go. Owner Steve Tour stocks a few items, such as sock garters, that were wardrobe staples when his father bought the hosiery shop from its original proprietors in the late ’60s. He has updated the boutique to include 130 styles of tights, from fishnets to poker-card patterns at $4.99 each. Corsets and bra-and-panty sets, in a rainbow of colors, range from $6.99 to $55. For riskier tastes, petticoats go for $15 to $50 and open-bottom girdles, in pink or nude, for $31. The store’s cubbyholes stock costume pieces for party occasions.