ATeam Shoe Shop

Best Athletic Shoe Shops, November 2008
Sporting goods retailer Adrian Vaughan was tired of schlepping across town for size 13 basketball sneakers, so three years ago he set up ATeam Shoe Shop in his South Bay neighborhood to cater to the big guys. The emphasis is on retro icons, from the Nike Dunk and Reebok Pump Omni Light of the 1980s to the 1956 Bob Cousy sneaker in Celtics green. Pau Gasol (size 14) and Lamar Odom (size 15) shop here—the Laker center favors the John Varvatos Converse while his teammate, under contract to Nike, still can’t wait to get his hands on the latest Air Force 1 styles. Other sports and decades are well represented, from track’s classic 1960s Onitsuka Tigers to Adidas’s signature 1970s Rod Laver tennis shoes.