AMC Loews

Best Mommy-and-Me Movies, June 2006

For new parents, arranging for a baby-sitter just to catch a flick can seem as complicated as planning a trip abroad. “Mommy-and-me” matinees simplify matters by making the theater hospitable to infants and toddlers: The lights are barely dimmed, the volume is lowered a skosh, and fussiness is not only tolerated but expected. Pacific Theaters puts a changing table in the side aisle for its “Monday Morning Mommy Movies” at Paseo Colorado and the Grove. AMC Loews, which presents “Reel Moms” Tuesdays at the Broadway 4 at the 3rd Street Promenade, hides its in the basement but ups the ante by setting out toys in the lobby before the show and holding a brief social afterward. In fact, parents can get their popcorn in plastic bags rather than tubs—easier to handle when hauling a wriggling bundle of joy, too.