Wi Spa

Best Korean Spa, August 2013

Leave your sense of modesty at home—a Korean spa is about promenading in the buff. Of all the K-Town day spas that peddle the healing powers of a hot soak, Wi Spa has the prettiest setup and the most soothing atmosphere. Separate areas for men and women are open 24 hours a day; each is outfitted with wet and dry saunas and multiple pools ranging from icy cold to Daenerys Targaryen hot. The $25 admission fee provides entrée to the saunas, pools, in-house restaurant, and minimalist relaxation area, where you can nap, chat, and flip through magazines for as long as you like. Treatments are à la carte, whether they’re body scrubs or microdermabrasion facials or massages administered on the jimjilbang (the coed floor). Never fear: T-shirts and baggy shorts are de rigueur for the coeds. 

Best 24-hour Spa, August 2012

For night owls, insomniacs, and aspiring vampires, the Wi Spa, a 48,000-square-foot pleasure palace with hot tubs and icy pools, is an after-hours retreat. The Korean facility’s famous salt scrubs and massages aren’t available after midnight, but the communal jimjilbang floor is, and the café (open around the clock) offers savory bulgogiand other Korean treats until 1 a.m. Snoozers litter the heated onyx floor, so you may have the jade, salt, and clay saunas to yourself. Another advantage of a late-night dip: minimizing the chances of a naked run-in with your girlfriend’s dad or that hairy guy from the IT department. » 2700 Wilshire Blvd., Koreatown. 


Best of LA, May 2010

Wi Spa is the Disneyland of Korean day spas. The immaculate 48,000-square-foot facility, which opened in November, has the requisite features (bathing halls, fitness center, restaurant), plus extras like a game room with Wii and PS3 consoles. Guests open lockers and charge meals with waterproof microchip-embedded bracelets. The body buff is a deal at $30 for 35 minutes; low partitions between each massage table afford a measure of privacy lacking at other establishments. Afterward stretch out in one of the saunas inlaid with toxin-purging minerals (salt, jade, clay, ice), then sprawl on the heated onyx stone floor, where families kick back (children 12 and older are typically welcome at Korean spas, but this one is the most kid friendly). If you fall asleep, don’t worry—the place is open 24 hours.