The Shave Beverly Hills

Best Shave + Scotch, August 2015

Enjoyed in the comfort of a barber’s chair, warm steel and a cool drink are the equivalent of a day at the spa for guys. At this Beverly Hills institution, $95 procures the ministrations of Fernando Delgado, whose lathers are luxurious, shaving skills impeccable, and hot towel treatments pure bliss. Between whisker snips, select a smoky scotch, a smooth whiskey, or other libation—on the house. Hand and shoulder massages follow the facial grooming, though you may have to briefly put your cocktail aside.

Best New Take on an Old-School Shave, April 2007

The revolving barber pole is beckoning a new generation of hirsute men. From the clubby Art of Shaving in Century City to a vintage-bedecked room at the recently opened Argyle Salon & Spa, high-end barbershops are bringing back the old-school shave. The best one is The Shave Beverly Hills, where our experienced barber, Cal, used hot towels to open up pores before gently gliding the straight blade across our skin. Warm coconut shaving cream soothed our face, and an ice-cold towel that followed the aftershave eliminated the dreaded burning sensation. The modern amenities here—electric clippers for thick beards, flat-panel TVs flashing market reports and ESPN—don’t ruin the charm of the antique barber chairs, the shoe shine service, and—yes!—the cocktails.