Sunset Tan

Best Spray-On Tan, June 2005

That “healthy glow” that comes from a day in the sun, we know by now, is not so healthy. A million new cases of skin cancer are diagnosed in the United States every year. The advent of spray-on potions—the so-called sunless tan—is a testament not only to the increased awareness of those risks but also to the continued cachet of a tinted complexion. The industrial-chic Studio City branch of Sunset Tan is the only L.A. salon to offer both Mystic Tan, which pioneered the UV-free booth, and California Tan, its sweeter-smelling competitor. Standing naked before the nozzles for a ten-second, full-body application feels a little like passing through a car wash; it is at once indulgent and intrusive. One thing it is not: carcinogenic.