Rosebud Cakes

Best Birthday Cakes, May 2006

Flat is just not a word used around here,” Elin Katz says of the fantastical confections she whips up at Rosebud Cakes . She (and her eight helpers) can create just about anything you can imagine for a birthday (or a wedding or a whatever), whether it’s a 3-D Pocahontas bearing your child’s visage, Godzilla tromping the Big Apple, or a bunny munching on a heart-shaped cake. One couple dreamed up a fairy-tale castle, complete with moat and working electric train, for their one-year-old. While you flip through the photo books, you’ll be offered a plateful of samples to nibble on. Prices range from $50 to (gulp) $5,000, and it’s best to order two weeks in advance.