Rose Crystal Lymphatic Facial

Best New Facial Technique, August 2010

There are no micro-current wands or vibrating coils—hence no lingering twitchiness or metallic aftertaste—in the Rose Crystal Lymphatic Facial at the Organic Pharmacy. It starts with a carrot-and-rosemary shea butter balm cleansing followed by five freshly whipped-up masks containing natural ingredients like rose petals, oats, pansy, marigold, honey, seaweed, turmeric, ginger, and bilberry (a darker, smaller cousin of the blueberry). You’re enveloped in a fragrant cloud that’s redolent of the sea, the garden, a spice market. The 90-minute, $190 facial takes its name from a low-tech twist: Rose quartz crystals are stroked by hand across the skin, which is said to gently accelerate the movement of toxins through the lymphatic system.