Ken Ng

Best Non-Spa Massage, March 2006

There’s no incense, no candles, no gurgling fountains, and the rest room is a long walk down the hallway of the charmless West L.A. cinder-block building where massage therapist Ken Ng works. But then Ng places a hand on the small of your back, rocking you gently while he says, “You don’t have to do a thing,” and nothingness starts feeling sensational. Ng, who spent several years running the massage department at Burke Williams in Santa Monica, combines the long, flowing strokes of Hawaii’s lomi lomi with the deep precision of shiatsu and the hovering heat of Reiki. He works intuitively (at $70 for a 60-minute session) with his palms, elbows, thumbs, knuckles, and forearms. He won’t ask how you’re feeling or question whether the pressure is okay. He’ll just know.