Karmen Aghazarian, Thairapy Salon

Best Hair Therapist, August 2015

When A-listers need a head-turning do, they land in Karmen Aghazarian’s chair for keratin-bonded tresses (which last five to six months) or one-night-only clip-ins, buns, bangs, or topknots. The South Pasadena stylist says, “I’m a believer in the statement ‘A woman who changes her hair is about to change her life.’”

What’s the biggest hair myth?
That the hair of celebrities and models is natural. If you see a woman with great hair in the movies, on TV, or in magazines, it’s most likely extensions. And they don’t always wear them for length. I have many clients who just want to add volume.

Any tips for DIYers?
Always go for real human hair in any situation—clip-ins, extensions, wigs. Real hair can be washed and styled with heating tools and blow-dryers; synthetic hair can’t handle any of that and just looks tacky. When it’s extremely obvious where your own hair stops, it reads low budget.

Quick fix for a bad hair day?
If it’s frizzy and flyaway, a little serum or oil tames hair into shape quickly and easily. If it’s one or two days past due for a wash, a dry shampoo is perfect for sucking up that greasy base and providing freshness, volume, and bounce.

How often have you changed your hair in the past year?
I’ve lost count! I have been platinum with a short bob, then went long with extensions and moved to gunmetal gray. I buzzed the sides and cut the top to my jawline. Recently I added extensions. There were more in between. I’ll have to check my Instagram.