Inside & Out

Best New Spa Treatment, August 2010
At the spa at Terranea, the Inside & Out made us embrace the aspects that usually annoy us about wrap treatments. The disconcerting chill we’ve always felt when hot layers are removed is actually key to this experience, which alternates hot and cold elements to rev up your metabolism. Here’s the sequence in the two-hour, $325 treatment: A steamy herbal wrap is followed by an icy rubdown. Then a layer of detoxifying seaweed is applied, and you move to an in-room sauna. After a bracing cooldown in the Swiss shower, warm sea clay is applied before you’re swaddled again, followed by another session in the shower. The final step is an application of warm body lotion accompanied by a scalp massage. The steps progress too quickly for two other things we dislike about wraps to set in: boredom and claustrophobia.