Computer Business Center

Best Computer Repair, February 2006

Joseph Jacobson knows your PC is fried just from the smell. He’s leery of big-box stores, whose computer repair people often look barely out of high school. “You should be paying for experience,” Jacobson says. His goes back to 1987. » Computer Business Center, 2811 Ocean Park Blvd., Santa Monica, 310-452-2027. Leonard Gelnak, who is based in Northridge, makes house calls to clients ranging from small businesses to celebrities. Roseanne Barr has kept him on standby for years. » 818-368-8812. If you need the ultimate at-home setup—someone to geek out your entire crib—call Ansel Rodriguez, who helped start House Gadget, a “concierge” service that can connect your computers to your home entertainment center to your security cameras.