Color Me Green

Best Mommy and Me Manicure, August 2013

We love to pamper our daughters, but not if they have to be exposed to nasty toxins. Color Me Green uses only environmentally friendly nail polishes from Zoya and Spa Ritual for the adults and Piggy Paint for the kids. In addition to sexy-mama shades, the Manhattan Beach salon offers youth-appropriate hues, including neons and glitter. Booking a side-by-side appointment is relatively easy, and the staff wielding the brushes are suckers for tykes, propping them up with pillows in oversize chairs. They even bring hot chocolate (Mom can sip coffee or iced tea). Throw in a few extra bucks and treat your child to a sweet flower design, or let her use her imagination to create a custom theme. Best of all, the manis passed our rigorous tests: Lego and Play-Doh sessions back home.