Arturo’s Shoe Fixx

Best Shoe Repair, June 2006

The Jimmy Choo store in Beverly Hills recommends the nearby Progressive Shoes for dyeing and heel alterations, and Crescent Shoe Service, also in 90210, has its own fashionista following. But when our Sergio Rossi gold leather shoes looked like they had seen their last dance, we queued up in the traditional weekend line at Arturo’s Shoe Fixx. We’d been turned away by some cobblers (restoring metallic leather isn’t easy) and turned off by the exorbitant prices at others. Argentine-born Arturo Azinian, in business for 60 years, inspected the heel where the leather had ripped off and then the toe…or lack thereof. “Twelve dollars,” he said. When we picked up the shoes, our babies looked brand-new. Azinian had even added protective toe taps.