ZIP Sushi Izakaya

In a jumble of odd-angled streets south of the burgeoning downtown arts district, this place would be a hidden gem if word of mouth hadn’t spread. Save for a few souls at the sushi bar, the restaurant is usually empty, but there’s plenty of buzz on the covered patio out back. Zip’s kitchen excels at sushi concoctions that would make a traditionalist wince: A salad of diced tuna, yellowtail, tomatoes, and crunchy roe in a spicy dressing served over a California roll seems like a Hawaiian festival platter. But admirers dig right in. On of the beautifully composed entrées is a seaweed and green mango salad arranges like an artist’s palette around a mound of golden roe and vegetables cut paper thin. Like many of the dishes on the menu, it’s large enough for sharing.