Yogurt Haven

Best Pinkberry Alternative, August 2008

Pinkberry couldn’t have imagined its trademark “chilly bliss” would attract such competition. The L.A.-based chain, known for its addictive frozen yogurt served in cartoonlike pastel environments, has this past year seen close to a dozen competitors spring up like Murakami mushrooms. The newcomers have upped the ante with more flavors (like Céfiore’s fabulous açai berry), do-it-yourself stations (Yogurtland), and a broader selection of toppings (Yogur-berry). Having eaten fro-yo instead of dinner for several months, we found  Yogurt Haven  churns out the tastiest. It’s not made from powder. The result? A creamy snack whose ratio of tart to sweet is balanced like a drop of mochi on a towering swirl of, um, cool happiness.