The Palm

Here’s an anomaly: a national chain and an Industry status symbol, one of a handful of L.A. restaurants whose names are like Esperanto for “power player hangout.” The decor is old-fashioned, and an abundance of booths makes everybody feel like a somebody as they knock back clams casino, whole lobsters, steaks, and chops. The desserts are gigantic—a full quarter of a cake per slice—so there’s no shame in a doggy bag.
Best Steakhouse Veggie Sides, December 2007
It’s official: The Palm has added the favorite, potatoes au gratin, which regulars have long been ordering sotto voce, to the menu. Cubed, skin-on red potatoes snuggle under a cheese sauce made with white cheddar, Parmigiano-Reggiano, and a bit of smoked Gouda.