The Counter

Now here’s a menu with focus: burgers. Turkey burgers, veggie burgers, and good old beef bur-gers. On an English muffin, on a whole wheat bun, or in a bowl without a bun. With a bottle of Belgian beer.
Best Burger Menu, September 2006
The champion burger at Father’s Office—with blue cheese, caramelized onions, and arugula—was years ahead of its time. Now we’ve got gourmet burgers almost everywhere, and entire restaurants devoted to burger menus. The Hollywood Roosevelt’s 25 Degrees has sirloin patties and an impressive roster of cheeses, but days go by when pickles, root beer for the floats, and chocolate ice cream for the shakes are AWOL. At The Counter, however, the burgers—made of beef, chicken, turkey, or veggies—are outstanding, and the extras are reliably in-house. There are toppings galore (blue, feta, Swiss, cheddar, and other cheeses, avocado, bacon, fried onion strings, fried eggs) and all manner of tasty sauces. Dare to go bunless and get your burger nestled in a bowl of field greens.