Tacos Villa Corona

Best Breakfast Burritos, August 2013

There’s a good reason Angelenos weather the odd hours, Darwinian lack of seating, and ever-present line at Tacos Villa Corona: the papas burritos. For 20 years this family-run taco hut has rolled the best breakfast burritos in town. Lard-free flour tortillas are stuffed with a perfect amalgam of scrambled eggs, low-fat mozzarella, grilled potatoes, onion, cilantro, and house-made salsa. The hefty handfuls cost $3 and can be customized with $1 upgrades that include fresh spinach and higher-quality meat (the chorizo is made from pork butt, not scraps). Unlike some other Grand Slam-in-a-tortilla monstrosities, these are light enough not to ruin any semblance of a productive day.