Sweet Lady Jane

Granted, we’ve heard our share of complaints about indifferent service from attitudinal staff, but the fact remains that Jane Lockhart’s kitchen puts out some of the best cakes around. Triple Berry, her strawberry shortcake-inspired layer cake lathered with whipped cream and filled with blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries (an ideal wedding confection) may be the best known. But the shelves are filled with qualified competition: The Princess Cake, three butter sponge layers limned with pastry cream and raspberry preserves and enclosed in a Wedgwood green marzipan shell, ranks highest on our list.

Best Apple Pie, August 2011
Among desserts apple pie is the epitome of comfort. Pie ‘n Burger’s flaky-crust offering was a top competitor, but we couldn’t resist the balanced flavor of the ten-inch deep-dish confection from Sweet Lady Jane. Officially it serves 10 to 12; we’d say 20 is more like it. The fruit is touched with cinnamon and encased in a thick double crust that tastes more homey than haughty. If the $52 price tag gives you pause, return the pan for a $10 refund or order by the slice at $7.50 apiece.