Stevens Steak and Seafood House

Best Salsa Club, October 2006

El Floridita is a bit too small, and the scene at the Sportsmen’s Lodge too competitive. For a night of salsa, we head to Stevens Steak and Seafood House . Salsa lives unfettered here. Imbued with a low-key elegance, the 1960s landmark inhabits an elbow formed by the 710 and I-5 interchange. Dedicated and novice dancers from across the metropolis gather for lessons and Sunday-night salsa marathons that last from 3 p.m. to 2 a.m. The luminous copper-plated entrance is a threshold to the United Nations of silky glide steps, intricate arm-twisting spins, and genuine dance-floor joy. Two rooms—one for accomplished salsa masters and another for those who crave more variety and a little less ballroom pyrotechnics—provide the friendliest destination for salseros of every persuasion.