Rustic Canyon

Chef Jeremy Fox His has bestowed a great energy on a Santa Monica fixture that has always been as mellow as a day at the beach. Yielding and compact, the trotter patty is scattered with okra seeds, red onion, and stone-ground mustard. Fox reduces French onion soup to its essential components, pouring a burnished consommé over pickled ramps and a crouton bubbling with melted Gruyère. The pozole, made with Rancho Gordo hominy that’s been thickened with green garlic and studded with clams, is a pure rush.

Best Beer Sommelier, August 2008
Los Angeles’s main contribution to beer culture is  Father’s Office , the gastropub where Foret Saison de Silly is paired with grilled asparagus like diet cola with a cheeseburger. But our cocktail-prone city has only one true suds sommelier. Self-described “beer chick” Christina Perozzi, who honed her palate at the original Father’s Office in Santa Monica, now rules the craft-beer roost at the Rustic Canyon Wine Bar and Seasonal Kitchen . Like the dinner menu, her bottle collection rotates monthly, and tableside doting  is the norm. One minute she shows why Kulmbacher Eisbock rocks with bloomy rind sheep’s milk cheese;  the next, how the rare farmhouse brew Saison D’Erpe Mere draws out the citrus in a snapper ceviche. She even pioneered the beer cocktail with a ginger-lemongrass syrup that diners drizzle into a glass of Girardin Geuze. Welcome to Christina’s office.