Playa Provisions

Why is it that we’re still amazed when a beachside spot acknowledges the presence of said beach? With Playa Provisions, Brooke Williamson—who dominates the South Bay scene with her duo of gastropubs, the Tripel and Hudson House—has created an all-day, multi-concept hub for taking in food, drink, and the sea breeze. Enjoy a respite from the morning marine layer with quinoa cream of wheat at the casual King Beach Café. Spend lunch on the patio of Dockside, the sit-down restaurant, savoring the most seafood-packed Louie salad this side of the ocean. Bring the kids for an afternoon sundae from Small Batch, the creamery in front. At sunset—which you can watch from your fire pit-adjacent table—nosh on Dockside’s fried crab claw “pops” before cracking open a whole steamed Dungeness crab or slicing into the pork porterhouse with blue cheese butter. Finish off at the dimly lit Grain Whisky Bar in the back, which offers a separate menu of drinking foods.